Image by Kinga Cichewicz

Yoga Nidra - Sleep Meditation

Wednesday 13th July 2022

8.30 - 9.00pm

Come and get cosy from the comfort of your own home & join me for a guided conscious sleep meditation. As we move towards the full moon, energy levels tend to be heightened, creating feelings of overstimulation and overwhelm finding it hard to switch off. Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep ) is an excellent technique to settle the noise of the mind, calming the nervous system aswell as releasing tension from the physical body. It is a practice of shifting your external awareness, reason, time and space - to move into the inner word within you where they don't exist. This state of deep conscious relaxation is perfect for healing as brain activity reduces. This session is suitable for everyone, including beginners!

Where - Online Via Zoom

Price - £4